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Time to pay taxes professionally

Alwataniya For Accounting and Tax services has established in 2017 based Abu Dhabi in association with Global for Tax & Consultant Co. that was established in 2005, Amman – Jordan. It has developed into one of the leading, reputed and Tax advisory organizations in the Kingdom. We are backed with a team of hard-core professionals qualified in the field of Value Added Tax (VAT), Accounting, Income Tax and Consultation.
Alwataniya assist a huge number of its clients to develop their tax strategy in accordance with current laws & regulations.


ALWATANIYA FOR ACCOUNTING AND TAX SERVICES, Sole Proprietorship L.L.C was stablished in 2017, Abu Dhabi – UAE.


We specialize in Local Tax legislations (Value Added Tax , VAT, and Excise), and Professional accounting support for the businesses.


Our focus is to build a collaborative relationship with our clients and help them to grow their businesses.


Our firm and our marketing strategy is “client-centric” and put our self in the position of a client.


VAT Advisory services

  • Identification and analysis of the VAT impact on your business
  • Outline the VAT registration obligations and steps for applying for a VAT registration number.
  • Review and amendment of contractual arrangements with customers and suppliers in order to properly map out all transaction types.
  • Analysis of IT system and accounting requirements.
  • Ensure that business is structured in such a manner as to avoid unnecessary cash outflow or absolute VAT costs arising, particularly on intercompany transactions.

VAT Implementation

  • Based on the outcome of the 1st step, our finance and tax teams will be available to implement changes in your IT systems and throughout your organization.
  • We will make sure that the relevant books and records are maintained in the appropriate manner.
  • Ensure that the accounts payable function evidences that Input VAT paid is recovered where permitted as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure that the accounts receivable function understands when Ouput VAT should and should not be charged, and it is accurately accounted for at the correct rates.
  • Update of the invoice templates to ensure that all relevant information for VAT Invoices are included.
  • Assist with the VAT registration with the competent authority.
  • For small SMEs, we can provide a set-up of a simple accounting systems and implementation of VAT rules, through our outsourced accounting services.
  • For larger SMEs, we can assist your finance team with the implementation and provide outsource CFO or Finance Manager services on a monthly basis in order to strengthen your team.

VAT Training and Post Implementation Support

  • We understand that change can be a difficult thing that is why we will deliver tailored VAT training for your teams to assist with the transition in to VAT. Our specialist VAT advisory team will also be on hand to provide post implementation support and guidance during the project to ensure all agreed deliverables are delivered. 

VAT Compliance

  • Advise on the application of the rules, especially on available exemptions, VAT treatment of intra-GCC transactions, imports and exports;
  • Preparation and filing the VAT returns
  • Assistance in claiming VAT refunds
  • Update of the invoice templates to ensure that all relevant information for VAT Invoices are included.
  • Assessment of the VAT implication related to: new business models, elaborated supply chains, asset purchases and transfers, M&A, etc.